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from california is jessica, and the adorable duo pictured in the photos, beau and theo. good morning to awful you. >> good morning. >> now, these images that we were just showing, which are adorable -- yes, good morning there baby. they are adorable. you started posting them on your instagram. explain how you would photograph these. would beau go to sleep first or what? >> yeah. beau generally -- i rock him to sleep during his nap time and he'll fall asleep and theo will come and wait at the end of the bed for beau to be put down and me to help him up on the bed. when he goes to sleep, then theo plops down on top of him. what's happening with your son and the dog right now? >> they're fighting like toddlers. >> you know what's funny, we're look at that now, they act like twins and brothers than dog and man. >> that's how they always act, which is interesting because twins are naturally drawn to each other, too. >> if you want to put one down, go ahead. >> okay. there you go. >> leave that one. put the other one down. i'm just kidding. can i point something out? >> we want theo. >> i
. but people aren' always what they seem to be or pretend to be. >>here was a lot t like about beth's new beau, but sometng a little stubbling. >> she said thought you we really >>> in stember 2004, beth lochtefeld w a woman in love. her brother, tom, remembers exuberanphone calls about the new man in her life. >> of cose she was over the top. i met this guy. friend of a friend. and of course i had learne after ma of those phone calls to try not to get too excited for her. >> at 37, totoolan was a walking, talkingwoon machine. tall, broad shouldered, preppie anbeth had a lot in common with him. >> he liked lirature and music and he was goolooking and came from a catholic family who parentwere still married 30 years later. that was big attraction for beth. >>he saw someone who she thght was like-minded. >> in many ways, yes. >> tom toolan's childhood friend bernadet, had introduced them. >> he was ur years younger and same age as my brother. he alws felt like a little brother to me. we were -- i can't even tell you how close we were. >> tom went to pvate school and then columa university. after
, there was another beau waiting for her, another male friend waiting for her. it was another year. >> what was the age different? >> he was born in 1917, she in 1929. 12 years. >> they met several times before? >> she first met him on a train. she wrote about it. she said this congressman with reddish brown hair i met on the train, i don't think she had ever heard of him. she had a book and a famous ambassador to england, that was not her world. >> he didn't remember. >> next up. you're on the air. >> what was her favorite hobbies? what did she like to do in her spare time? >> all right, thank you. sounds like we have another student watching us tonight. can you tell us about yourself? >> i'm 12 years old. >> doing wonderfully with 12-year-olds tonight. thank you for calling. >> i love history and watching channels and learning new things every time i turn on the tv. so i saw this channel and i decided to ask a question because i love history. >> i'm from chicago. >> how perfect be 12 the same age as jaclyn bouvier when she went to the white house? >> you asked about her hobbies. >> they p
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)